Our SIMs come with an amount of € credit. On unused cards, i.e. when we ship the card to you and you do not use it, this credit credit never expires. So you can buy a card 6 months in advance, and the credit will not expire, as long as you don't use it.

For SIMs shipped with pre-loaded data, the data validity period is unlimited (the data does not expire) until you start using the data pack, at which point the countdown timer on the validity period starts.

For data packs converted from credit, your validity period starts counting down from your first use (call, data session or text).

When you add a data pack recharge directly (e.g. add a 1GB data pack instead of buying € credit then converting to a 1GB data pack), your validity period starts the day of purchase.

  • Credit doesn’t have any validity limit (unless you do not use the SIM card for one month, in which case LFM deducts a 0.90€ fee from the remaining credit each month it's not used);
  • For credit converted into data bundle: the validity starts from day of subscription (conversion);
  • For a data bundle bought directly: validity starts from day of subscription/purchase.
  • In the case of a new SIM card including data (SIM + DATA), the validity date of the bundle starts from the date of activation of the SIM card.